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arca_music – southpaw439 – gargamyle – Xereo

Ascend is pleased to announce that Lisk Community favorite LiskTrust has joined Team Ascend! LiskTrust is made up of arca_music, gargamyle, southpaw439 and Xereo. With LiskTrust, the Lisk Community gets four active community members under one Ascend Delegate. Even better, LiskTrust has a great project in mind that the Lisk Community is sure to love!

LiskTrust has done an excellent job as the Community’s friendly #network police by helping ensure Lisk delegates forging on mainnet and testnet are quickly informed of any problems with their forging nodes. LiskTrust members are frequently found helping answer Community questions about Lisk, helping newcomers get up and running on testnet, and testing and giving feedback on community-designed tools and apps. With members on both sides of the globe, LiskTrust strives to maintain 24/7 presence in the Lisk Community.

All Ascend members are expected to have a vision for how they will contribute to Lisk as forging Delegates, and LiskTrust has an excellent proposal! In addition to sharing 50% of LiskTrust’s forging rewards with Ascend voters,

LiskTrust will create a 40% Community Fund.

LiskTrust will regularly solicit proposals from the Community on how the 40% Community Fund should be spent and then allow the Ascend Voters to vote on the proposals! With ideas like sponsoring meetups, podcasts, and conventions, running full-page magazine ads featuring Lisk, strategically placing Lisk billboards, and donating to Lisk tool-builders and app-makers all on the table, this 40% Community Fund is guaranteed to make a positive impact on Lisk and spark community involvement!

If you would like to support LiskTrust and their work, please be sure to Pledge Your Vote for Ascend. You may also make donations to LiskTrust at 2239327770758757049L .

Welcome LiskTrust!





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