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Hendrik Hofstadt – Slamper

Ascend is very excited to introduce our newest member, Hendrik Hofstadt (slamper), a Software Engineer. Hendrik, of Germany, brings an impressive resume to Ascend and the Lisk Community. Hendrik was a member of the winning teams for the 1st Cyber Security Challenge Germany, the 2nd Cyber Security Challenge, Germany, the 2016 Nationaler IT-Gipfel IoT Hackathon, and the 2015 ENABLE Hackathon. Hendrik’s team won second place at the European Cyber Security Challenge. It’s very possible that you’ve seen Hendrik before, as he’s been featured in multiple German and European publications.

In addition to strong security and hackathon credentials, Hendrik is currently lead Android developer and server developer at, which focuses on transforming content into mobile application experiences. Over 1.25 Million users have downloaded apps that Hendrik has contributed to. Hendrik is proficient in multiple languages, including Golang, Java, Kotlin, Javacript, and Typescript, and is also experienced with the Docker container platform and Kubernetes container orchestration platform.

Hendrik is currently porting Lisk-Elements to the popular Golang language. He has made several recent contributions to the LiskHQ Github. Once Hendrik’s Golang port is complete, he intends to begin work on a secure Lisk Android wallet.

As a forging delegate, Hendrik plans to launch a Lisk Sidechain-As-A-Service business. This service will make it easy for Lisk Sidechain developers to launch and maintain their initial genesis networks. If elected as a forging delegate, the basic service will be made available for free to all Lisk sidechain developers. Value-added services will also be available.

In addition, Hendrik has some great ideas for spreading Lisk awareness. As a result of his cybersecurity and hackathon accolades and resulting media attention, Hendrik is well-connected to the German developer and startup community. Hendrik plans to give Lisk-related presentations and conduct Lisk development workshops and hackathons. Meanwhile, he will promote Lisk to his influential contacts.

Ascend is working hard to bring the Lisk Community great delegates that the community can be proud of, but we need your help. If you would like to support Hendrik and his work, as well as great delegates like him, please be sure to Pledge Your Vote for Ascend. You may also make donations to Hendrik at 16863632246347444618L.

Welcome Hendrik!

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