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Oleg – Puredelta

Ascend is pleased to welcome Oleg Konovalenko as a member! Many of you know Oleg as ironman on However, Oleg has decided to rebrand using his company name, PureDelta. Oleg is a highly skilled software engineer/solution architect with 12 years of experience focusing on multi-threaded financial trading applications, quantitative finance, risk systems, and statistical arbitrage. Most typically, Oleg builds Single Page Applications utilizing technologies such as NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, D3, ASP.NET Web API, Javascript, C#, and Golang.

To date, Oleg, has been active in the Lisk Community and, and recently established the Lisk London Meetup with the assistance of LiskHQ. As London is an important financial and technology hub, a Lisk Meetup in London is especially needed. Oleg has also been hard at work on an Android and iOS Lisk Delegate monitor which will notify Lisk delegates with status updates regarding their nodes. Technologies such as this will be especially important as hundreds of Lisk sidechain networks are launched and supported by thousands of delegates.

In addition to continuing to develop foundational technologies for the Lisk network and incoming sidechains, Oleg has an excellent plan in place for an IoT fitness gamification application called Lumenactive. The Lumenactive Lisk Sidechain will allow users to monetize their fitness data through various means, including sponsorships, crowdfunding, merchant discounts, and contribution to anonymous and aggregated datasets. Lumenactive are sure to motivate users to be all that they can be!

Ascend is working hard to bring the Lisk Community great delegates that the community can be proud of, but we need your help. If you would like to support Oleg and his work, as well as great delegates like him, please be sure to Pledge Your Vote for Ascend. You may also make donations to Oleg at 7443837263537387195L.

Welcome Oleg!

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