New Ascend Member

Ty – Diamse

Ascend is very excited to present Ty Diamse to the Lisk Community as Ascend’s newest member! Ty is the founder of DevPoint Labs, a coding academy offering web development and UX courses and which is accredited by the University of Utah. DevPoint Labs has graduated hundreds of web developers since inception and will celebrate their 5 year anniversary in July.

Ty is located in South Korea and is the Organizer of the Lisk Seoul: Blockchain Meetup. As many of you know, South Korea is a very tech savvy nation and is an ideal demographic for Lisk. Ty intends to expand Lisk’s presence in South Korea by hosting regular Blockchain & Lisk 101 meetups at Universities in large South Korean metropolises such as Seoul, Busan, Incheon, and Daegu.

As a delegate, Ty intends to work with his coding academy, DevPoint Labs, to develop an online Lisk Developer Course. With 18 staffers and a plentiful supply of coding students available, Ty has the resources to make this happen. Once complete, the Lisk Developer Course will help budding Lisk developers across the globe launch their first projects. Ty also indicates he will put their in-house dev shop to work developing open source community and infrastructure tools.

Ascend is working hard to bring the Lisk Community great delegates that the community can be proud of, but we need your help. If you would like to support Ty and his work, as well as great delegates like him, please be sure to Pledge Your Vote for Ascend. You may also make donations to Ty at 16907309590983190543L.

Welcome Ty!

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