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Blockchain for Academic Certification Transformation

Matteo Ferrari (alias @hirish) is the Co-Founder of Ascend and Co-Creator of Ascend Pledge System. He is the man behind SapiensProject and LiskListen. Hirish is a Full Stack Software Engineer with deep knowledge in C++ programming. He’s involved in Bitcoin scene since end of 2013 with high participation to Bitcoin community.

About Sapiens Project:

Sapiens Project aims to decentralize every aspect of a generic certification system by providing an easy way to create, issue, assign and verify official certification records in digital format. Blockchain can act as a notary because is durable, time-stamped, transparent, and decentralized. Decentralization is the solution that puts people in control of their own records and certificates. On top of the certification system, Matteo aims to build a courses marketplace and a reputation platform.

Articles about Sapiens Project

Other Projects By Hirish

Realtime Lisk Transaction Visualizer is a creative way to see the Lisk Blockchain activities live! It creates a relaxing atmosphere by converting in music lisk blocks and transaction creations. Check it out at



Ascend is working hard to bring the Lisk Community great delegates that the community can be proud of, but we need your help. If you would like to support Matteo and his work, as well as great delegates like him, please be sure to Pledge Your Vote for Ascend. You may also make donations to Matteo at 4810293735725973074L.

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