Hirish joins GDT Team as official member

Hello Liskers,

Hirish here. As you may know I founded Ascend with delegate Nimbus with the common goal of creating a team of strong and talented members who would make substantial contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem. During the definition of this idea, we defined what are the Ascend Core Values, implemented the Ascend Pledge System as a free tool in order to allow voters to signal support for Ascend, and recruited several very talented community members to join us.

We saw a future where Lisk delegates devote a subtantial portion of their energy and funds to add value to the Lisk ecosystem by building and supporting lisk-related businesses, tools, services, and/or teams of developers capable of creating amazing project such as Lisk Sidechains. This is exactly my case: I’ve launched SapiensProject.io as one of the first Lisk Sidechain Projects.

After the departure of delegate 4miners.net from GDT Team, GDT decided to open the vacant position to the whole lisk community and I applied for it. GDT Members voted and I received the most votes. I am very grateful to GDT Team. Becoming a GDT member and being part of a team of experienced delegates that has seen Lisk grow since the very beginning is an awesome opportunity. As a GDT member, I will still adhere to the Ascend Core Values because I strongly believe them.

As a consequence of joining GDT, I will step back from the Ascend Pool as an active member in order to fully participate in the GDT Pool. As a GDT member, I will continue to develop the SapiensProject sidechain, and I will work with community developers on Lisk-related projects.

Finally, I will always be an Ascend supporter. The Ascend team has tons of great ideas that are already adding value to Lisk Ecosystem. I urge you to continue to support Ascend as well.

Thank you for your attention.


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