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Benjamin Favre and Jordan Favre – CryptoEmbassy

Ascend has added another delegate to the Ascend Team! Crypto Brothers Benjamin Favre and Jordan Favre of Brest, France, have combined forces into Lisk delegate, crypto_embassy!

Benjamin has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing and an extensive background as a FullStack developer. Jordan has a degree in Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and has most recently focused on the interface of IoT devices with Big Data and on the application of Augmented Reality systems in industrial settings. Benjamin and Jordan currently provide blockchain consulting services through their business, Byzantine Consulting and also run a development studio.

Benjamin and Jordan have done a great job introducing Brest and the surrounding community to Lisk by giving presentations on Lisk at JavaScript-focused events, including the BrestJS Meetup and engineering college, ISEN Brest. Benjamin and Jordan plan to increase their activities in this regard by targeting engineering schools throughout France with Lisk-related presentations.

As a delegate, CryptoEmbassy has some great plans that fall under three pillars: Financial, Technical, and Educational. Collectively, these pillars will be housed under a brick and mortar crypto embassy (hence the delegate name crypto_embassy) located in Brest, France. CryptoEmbassy has already secured a beautiful location, located in a vibrant dining and entertainment district. Financially, CryptoEmbassy will offer a Lisk-Fiat gateway, among other financial services to its customers. Technically, CryptoEmbassy will offer blockchain consulting services that will assess client operations for opportunities to increase competitive advantage through implementation of existing or customized solutions built on top of the Lisk Blockchain Application Platform, including development and implementation of custom Lisk sidechains. Educationally, Cryptoembassy will offer blockchain courses to the public and to businesses that will range from basic blockchain introductions to development-oriented courses focusing on development on the Lisk Blockchain Application Platform.

Ascend is working hard to bring the Lisk Community great delegates that the community can be proud of, but we need your help. If you would like to support CryptoEmbassy and his work, as well as great delegates like him, please be sure to Pledge Your Vote for Ascend. You may also make donations to Benjamin and Jordan at 5794934788537923633L.

Welcome Benjamin and Jordan!

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