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Lisk Magazine – Davide Menegaldo and Alessandro Sartori

It is our pleasure to announce and welcome our newest member to the team Davide Menegaldo and Alessandro Sartori of LiskMagaine!

Together they will represent the Lisk delegate account liskmagazine. Based in Italy, this duo started over eight months ago. They provide an essential role in the Lisk community delivering unbiased Lisk news and original reporting. Without them, news that happens on Reddit, Telegram, and would not be documented and unavailable to the broader public. To date, they have released an impressive 70+ articles, 11k+ unique visitors, 25k+ pageviews, and 200k+ views on Twitter. Head over to for daily news and to be a Lisk insider.  

After becoming a forging delegate, Lisk Magazine will share 55% of their rewards with voters and required for all Ascend members. The remaining funds will be used to grow and support As the Lisk ecosystem grows so will the magazine reporting on new ICOs, community-built tools, interviewing core people, and will release a new podcast. In addition, these funds will be used to hire professional content writers, marketing/social managers, and develop a thriving and structured business.

The Ascend team believes in integrity, transparency, and dedication to the Lisk ecosystem which is why we are so excited to welcome Davide and Alessandro. They are skilled professionals that have proven their worth and bring diversification to the Ascend team. You can support them by voting for their delegate liskmagazine, all of the Ascend team members, or by donating Lisk to their address at: 9608993805470879912L.

Welcome Davide and Alessandro!

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