New Ascend Member. Welcome LiskMagazine!

It is our pleasure to announce and welcome our newest member to the team Davide Menegaldo and Alessandro Sartori of LiskMagaine!

New Ascend Member. Welcome crypto_embassy!

Ascend has added another delegate to the Ascend Team! Crypto Brothers Benjamin Favre and Jordan Favre of Brest, France, have combined forces into Lisk delegate, crypto_embassy!

Hirish joins GDT Team as official member

Hello Liskers, Hirish here. As you may know I founded Ascend with delegate Nimbus with the common goal of creating a team of strong and talented members who would make substantial contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem. During the definition of this idea, we defined what are the Ascend Core Values, implemented the Ascend Pledge System […]

New Ascend Member. Welcome diamse!

Ascend is very excited to present Ty Diamse to the Lisk Community as Ascend’s newest member! Ty is the founder of DevPoint Labs, a coding academy offering web development and UX courses and which is accredited by the University of Utah. DevPoint Labs has graduated hundreds of web developers since inception and will celebrate their 5 […]

New Ascend Member. Welcome Slamper!

Ascend is very excited to introduce our newest member, Hendrik Hofstadt (slamper), a Software Engineer. Hendrik, of Germany, brings an impressive resume to Ascend and the Lisk Community.

New Ascend Member. Welcome LiskTrust!

Ascend is pleased to announce that Lisk Community favorite LiskTrust has joined Team Ascend! LiskTrust is made up of arca_music, gargamyle, southpaw439 and Xereo. With LiskTrust, the Lisk Community gets four active community members under one Ascend Delegate. Even better, LiskTrust has a great project in mind that the Lisk Community is sure to love!

New Ascend Member. Welcome Roblad!

Ascend is excited to announce that Lisk Core Basher Rob Ladbrook (roblad) has joined Team Ascend! Rob is currently the Lisk Community’s most active non-employee contributor to Lisk Core